Graph descriptions

I haven’t posted in forever, and honestly probably won’t make time for deep thoughtful posts again this year, but I’m thinking about trying a new math routine for my students. One of the classes I teach is called Bridge Math, which is supposed to take students who have not done well on the ACT and have them improve their scores by re-learning the key tested concepts from Alg. 1, 2, and Geometry.

I decided to use the warm-up time in class to create some math routines. We utilized to work on number sense. I liked that it gave them an easy way to get involved early without the stress of having the correct answer.

Many of my students have trouble with graphs. I’ve noticed these particular struggles a lot:

  • Trouble thinking about both the x and y values of particular points
  • Misplaced 0 in the ordered pair for a point on either the x or y axis
  • Miscounting when counting horizontal or vertical distances
  • Counting boxes to measure a distance along a diagonal line

At the beginning, I plan to start with only points on a grid, but I want to build up to linear functions, quadratic functions, scatter plots, etc. and will try to post pics of the graphs I use. At least to start, I plan on asking “What do you notice?” and “What do you wonder?” I think this will give me chances to get all students involved, create some debate, and address some vocabulary along the way.

Find all the graphs I’ve made so far here.

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