I teach math in Memphis, TN. I am now have 3 years of experience teaching high school math and each one of those came with different content. My goal is to use this blog as a tool to reflect on my practice, seek and share ideas, seek out criticism, and grow as an educator.

I also have helped start a school garden and may slip in to discussing that every now and then.

In my very limited spare time, I drink lots of coffee and geek out about technology.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Mr. Bigger –
    I’m Buzz – the Stick Pick app guy –

    Import is coming — but not for a month or two 😦
    Sorry! I’m finally figuring how to implement this awesome feature, but for now…well…you’ll have to (*cough*sputter*) type them in…

    As a side note: I’m considering the implementation of “Math” question stems into the app as a 99-cent “in-app” purchase. I’d like to email the stems I’m considering to you to find out if you’ve heard of this categorization of question stems, and see if you, personally, would find value in having these stems “at the ready” within the app, along side the “Bloom’s & ESL” stems. But I was wondering if you’d email me so I don’t have to post the stems here. Here’s my email: buzzygwood (at) gmail (dot) com.

    In exchange for your feedback, next time I’m in Memphis, coffee’s on me 🙂

    -Buzz Garwood
    Stick Pick

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