MTR PD – Twitter Networking

My personal approach:

I have developed a strong Professional Learning Network tailored to my needs through a few different mediums:

Twitter – my most powerful PD tool because of who it connects me to.

  • Follow lots of teachers who tweet about teaching (particularly your subject!). Start here and expand as you go.
  • Talk back to those teachers to engage in conversation, ask questions, find resources.
  • Participate in twitter chats (my personal favorite is #statschat, which “meets” weekly on Thursday nights at 9 EST/8 CST)
  • Find and use common hashtags to get in discussion with many who you may not follow

Blogging – Twitter is only 140 characters at a time, and is harder to include multiple resources in more coherent, longer, thoughts

  • Share class materials, and ask for feedback
  • Be a reflective practitioner by following the progression of certain themes in your classroomCollaborate

Tools for making the most of Twitter:

Great Twitter implementation ideas: 

  • Student interaction with professionals – Create your own hashtag based chat, connect with professionals who would be willing to talk with students on twitter, let students moderate – Example: The Easiest Outreach You Will Ever Do by Adam Taylor

What happens when teachers collaborate online:

Very non-comprehensive list:

  • Mr. Shah’s Filing Cabinet – catalog of teacher resources and activity ideas
  • MathTwitterBlogoSphere – a list of sites, posts, etc. that have grown out of the online math teacher community
  • Math Munch – A weekly blog from a few math teachers seeking to spread the cool things happening in math beyond the curriculum

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